Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Art of Rain Barrels

The new accessory to a green life seems to be rainbarrels. So what do I offer my clients, my muse mused. Create the equivalent of lawn art--those tacky fiberglass clowns and animals or one or more of the seven dwarves? Instead I offer Ambient Rain Cathchers.

Some have litle bit of a twist and shout, like my homage to Man Ray with those big tears; or Monet, now living in a Florida garden.

In Santa Fe, Desert Rain is an earthy camouflage of southwest shadows

Desert Sage, laced with the purple and violet of New Mexico, nestles in with Russian Sage and Butterfly Bush

Whether you have existing barrels or want to add to your eco-system,

Contact info@bethsurdut.com to commission your own elegant utilitarian design. Prices start at $250 for the artwork.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! These are WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! These are WONDERFUL! I want some!