Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raven Print Cycle

After a year of drawing and cawing, The Raven Print Cycle is now available! I am asking you to be my focus group. Please vote for your favorites by going to where you'll find 11 images. lf you've been following the journey so far, you know there are stories here. I eagerly look forward to you posting your thoughts here on the blog or emailing
To thank you for participating, the prints are offered at special prices if purchased by July 30.


Charlie said...

Hey Beth,

Wonderful, wonderful ravens. it is truely an artist who changes their style and format to fit new situations, new envrionments. Good work gurl.

I especially like Truth and Memory, as it grabs one of the essences of these characters, the preening of the boffel headed baby. You captured the baby, lost in it's self absorbed thoughts. i think that a hard thing to do, show the difference between.

my favorite being the "walks like a man". In that, the brazen arch of it's personality comming straight through. And that's what's so good about it, the macho in it's stride. The dash of color brings all to life.
Keep all of everything going. The world needs you.

Consuelo Luz said...

Oh Beth, Raven Girl,
What exquisite renderings of this marvelous bird.
My favorites are Compass of the Heart and Truth and Memory. I love the dash of color in Compass and the juxtaposition of nature with machine combining to follow the heart.
If I had to choose only one favorite, though, it would have to be Truth and Memory, because the birds seem so present, so real, so in the moment, I can almost feel what it feels like to be Raven in a private moment....
Thank you for your magical inspiration!

Jeri Quinzio, author--Of Sugar and Snow said...

So hard to choose. I love the egg thief, but feel bad about stealing
those little eggs. There's something magical about the gathering - the
almost abstract quality of those feet (claws?) is wonderful.
All are terrific - can't wait to see what's next.

Tony Halstead said...

Your drawings are beautifully executed and arrive straight
from your magic heart. My favorites are Listening to
Raven, The Next Shaman, The Egg Thief, and Walks like a man. I like them for both attitude and story.

Esteemed Princess Zita said...

I love "walks like a man", the gathering, the compass of my heart. I love the way you rendered the compass and the shadow. The next Shaman, and the egg thief. I like the way you rendered the feathers. But I like them all.

Susan Alima Friar said...

What I really enjoyed was the individual traits of the ravens ...the personalities which seem to speak through the images. Of all the wonderful raven drawings, these are my preferred not in any particular order:
Raven Head
Next Shaman
Walks Like a Man
Raven Tell
Listening to Raven

Sandy, former Harvard Conservation Comm. said...

Certainly the ravens are a departure for you and I found them very interesting and like them very much. My favorites are The Raven of Truth and Memory and (Knowing Raven)Heartbeat of the Earth. The first because it is more loving and feels less threatening and the second because I just liked it and related to it. I liked the stories that go with each drawing.