Thursday, August 26, 2010

"When they see us coming,the birdies all try and hide..."

Things I Do For Love (drawing) cBeth Surdut 2010

Raven hasn't heard about the egg scare and let me know quite loudly that he didn't appreciate my withholding his treat for two days. Although I do have a fondness for the twisted Tom Lehrer song Poisoning Pigeons in the  Park (hence the title of this post),  I consulted an ornithologist about the raw chicken eggs I set each day in the hot desert sun.
"What are you worried about? You're feeding birds that eat road kill and festering carrion." Point taken, and yet, I scrutinized this current carton of eggs trying to ascertain if the eggs actually came out of Arizona chickens, or if the company was a distributor of any of the potentially salmonella laden 550 million eggs that were recalled from designated Iowa culprits.
Speaking of carrion eaters-- hearing that the resistance to stem cell research lies in the the use of cells taken from early fetuses that have been discarded, I  wonder how many of those chicken embryo-eating consumers support stem cell research. Just a thought...

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