Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Spirit of Raven and My Father

The Things I  Do for Love

Raven welcomed me home to the big sky country of New Mexico after my father's death.
When asked if I knew where my father's soul was, I realized that for now, it is on my breath.
And in my hands and spirit.
Each day I put out an egg for raven.
Each moment, I miss my father.
They never met each other, but somehow, they are connected.


Lynn said...

Your Father is incredibly fortunate to have his soul so well represented.

Beth Surdut, Visual Storyteller said...

And your parents have the same in you. Thank you for being my friend through all these years.

Celia said...

From his limbs sprang a seed
From his seed sprang a life
From this life sprang Wisdom
From this wisdom sprang Truth
From this Truth sprang Beauty
And so Beth was born to us ...
Giving us life by planting seeds
Within all of our hearts and minds
And he lives on
And she lives on
And it is beautiful.

shanson said...

Our loved ones, like the Raven, will soar out of our sights - but always, like the Raven, will return to us in a memory, a smile, and ultimately, peace. Beth, I give you my deepest sympathies on the loss of your father, and my deepest hopes for a loving, healing recovery on his loss.

geminigirl said...

Beautiful thoughts...beautiful words---just like you!
Your father was very proud of all your wonderful accomplishments. His memory will live on in you, and all you do.