Saturday, April 16, 2011

javelina and the meaning of fierce

From the notebook of  Beth Surdut, after seeing --with a friend as witness--10 javelinas cross the road in the Gila Wilderness where 17 ravens swooped and played in the winds over the mountains.
There's a neighbor who thrives on alarm, so when I told him about the javelinas, he said they were fierce.
The last one I saw walked like she had her tampon in crooked. It's hard to be fierce when you're that  distracted.
Then he told me, that yakking  neighbor, that we had a coyote problem and he wants the game  warden to  kill some--
hang 'em up  in the trees.
"That'll scare the others," he said, eyes gleaming in his piggy  face.
I think the KKK tried that in the South.
 All it did was make people fierce.

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