Friday, October 4, 2013

Raven: The Reason Why

Raven appears as trickster and bringer of magic in stories that fly through time and territory, his cleverness ultimately providing humans with surprising benefits.  
The Reason Why raven appears in The encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico
 Enduring creatures, Ravens appear in the Lascaux cave paintings, the Bible, Babylonian flood myths, Norse, Celtic, and Native American stories and more. Raucous, rowdy, defiant, sensual and smart, their cleverness is admired by scientists, their mystery acknowledged throughout world cultures.
A jewelry maker from Boston, graduate of the esteemed North Bennet Street School, gave a print of this Raven to a dear friend in New Mexico who knew the pleasure of sitting with her dog named Bear and talking to ravens. Soon after the dog died, a raven feather appeared on the front stoop. The owner believes that the feather is a message from Bear.
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NTW said...

Great information! Where'd you get the picture?

Beth Surdut, Visual Storyteller said...

NTW--I'm a professional artist and writer. All of the artwork on this site is mine unless otherwise