Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obamas Beets

“One thing the president and I, we don’t really like, are beets,” the first lady said in an interview Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “We don’t have beets. We’re a no-beet garden. We believe there’s a beet gene. You either love beets or you hate ‘em, and neither of us have the beet gene.”
Beets Me by Beth Surdut
As part of my  Art From the Kitchen~ Painted and Served, I have a beet recipe that  makes grown  men  lick their plates, so perhaps the presidential  family--famous for their open-mindedness-- will give it a try. 
Beets Me, the recipe ~ painted and served by Beth Surdut
Golden beets (oh my!) or red beets (oh yes!!) or a mixture of both
Maché or baby arugula—just a few leaves per serving
Crème fraîche or Greek-style yogurt
Honey to drizzle
Lemon—a few drops into the honey
Separate plates
Remove greens, clean and cut beets into quarters.
Steam till easily pierced about 8 minutes
Cut into bite size pieces
Prepare a welcoming bed of yogurt or crème fraîche
Sprinkle a light design of greenery
Arrange beets on top
Mix honey and fresh lemon juice to taste and drizzle delicately over  beets and yogurt
Serve beets warm or at room temperature
Watch diners surreptitiously lick their plates.

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