Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rare mermaid sightings in the desert dispels myth!

Four mermaid sisters, merbabes all, recently arrived in the low desert of Arizona. They are stranded and looking for seaworthy accommodations, preferably with a handsome vegetarian sailor or two  who views them as more than just a nice  piece of tail. Meanwhile, they are  waiting for monsoon rains and may be spotted in flooded arroyos.
Separated from their 6 siblings by frames, they keep their mersisters close in the form of small unframed prints.
Merblue Mermaid 32" x 42" by Beth Surdut
 Each mermaid is watched over by a set of eyes on her tail-- a chaperone of sorts.
Meremerald Mermaid 28"x42" by Beth Surdut
And many of the mermaids travel with a small denizen from the deep, except red haired Meremerald.
Merglow Mermaid 32" x 42" by Beth Surdut
Merglow knows secrets she may never tell...and has had a large portrait printed of her beautiful self.
Mermaid and Parrotfish 31" x 42" by Beth Surdut
 This mermaid fiercely protects her parrotfish from human dinner tables and never divulges her name.

Original paintings on silk, $2200 each. Lovely small signed prints, $75 each. Larger sizes available.
To meet all the mermaids and read their inception/conception story, visit The Mermaids Return
and watch the video with a luminous score by Conrad Praetzel.

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