Monday, August 31, 2015

Dreaming of Hawaii? Aloha nui loa

Aloha nui loa...
Listening to IZ sing Over the Rainbow in his beautiful falsetto makes me miss living in the  islands.
 As a freelance professional textile designer living in Hawaii, I could stand in downtown Honolulu at lunch time and watch my designs walk around on what I call "the business man's aloha shirt."
Beth Surdut's Aloha Shirts @American Textile History Museum
 But when you want something so gorgeous that strangers will walk up to ask "where did you get that," my one-of-a-kind custom Ultimate Aloha Shirt™ is what you want to own.
One of a kind custom silk aloha shirts created by Beth Surdut
             Perfect for weddings, special occasions, or just being the coolest.  dude. ever.

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