Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Face to face with a hummingbird

One day, I was working on a drawing, magnifying glass in one hand, ink pen in the other, when I heard wing beats —so close, I could feel the air puff on my forehead. I held my breath, raised only my eyes, and looked at the hummingbird looking at me. Face to face, we both seemed suspended in the heartbeat of the universe before the bird turned and flew out through the open door.
So much more to this story @ https://radio.azpm.org/s/37262-the-art-of-paying-attention…/

 My place, late afternoon. 106 degrees. The fountain was off, so although there was water on the lower levels, this hummingbird hovered until I turned on the pump and the bubbler appeared.

 Anna's hummingbird nest found in a Russian  olive tree and wasp nest found in a salt cedar.
Baby broad-tailed hummingbirds about to fledge. Ink and colored pencil on paper by Beth Surdut. Signed fine art prints available.

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