Saturday, August 11, 2018

Paying Attention: Fierce beauty

photo: Beth Surdut 2018

I'd been looking down for snakes as I walked in the desert heat,
 but when when I came round the bend, 
I immediately sensed I was being watched.
The Cooper's hawk was wary,
 in the way that predators are,
 but we both knew who had the right of  way.

photo: Beth Surdut 2018

I continued on, the lizards and bunnies all skittering and hopping away from me,
thinking they were running for their lives
even though they were taking the path to death.

I never shrug and burp up the pablum of "circle of life'
or "nature red in tooth and claw."
Instead, I hope that prey animals die immediately, 
not suffering, 
not wounded, 
not slowly suffocating,
not festering.
If death can be good, then may each precious little life die a good death.

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