Sunday, May 31, 2020

Creating Sanctuary

Instead of saying that I am easily distracted, 
I prefer to believe that I am easily attracted 
to everyday doings in nature.

Pollen flies around the interior of the cupped flower as the bee circles and burrows until

exhausted and covered in pollen, as if wrapped in stars,

 the bee sleeps in its own contained universe.
That bee finds contentment, as I do, as you can choose to do, in the embrace of those soft petals that sprout from a prickly host.
One might argue that the bee can fly away, as I cannot
but I am not here to argue with you
or the universe
or God.
I am here to make my own sanctuary.
And you?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Grateful to have found you
While making my sanctuary
In Rainbow Valley, AZ
With coyote, rabbit, hummingbird, lizard, dove, snake, dog, cat, mountain, cactus, ground squirrel, toad, mesquite tree, house finch, quartz hill and everyone else I forgot
Thank you for sharing