Monday, August 10, 2015

Mr. Stinky and the Wild Princess

Feral, gorgeous and virile Mr. Stinky courted me every night by YOWLING at midnight out front of my house. He'd go quiet as soon as he saw me, never asking for food, seeming just to want me. Two months into this nightly serenade, I began to suspect that he was one of my old bad boyfriends dressed up in a cat suit--he had all the same moves, rubbing his handsome self up against me, running away when I tried to get too close, marking his territory but still schmoozing the blond across the street, who fed him.
Cats for the Mind painting by Beth Surdut
Breaks my heart to see homeless animals, so when I was asked recently to design an image for the Sarasota Defense of Animals Catwalk  at Siesta Beach, I created Cats for the Mind and licensed it for use on tee shirts. Available from me as prints, and if you sign a big fat check, the original painting can be yours. Of course, a portion supports kitty programs.
Mr. Stinky, so much handsomer than his name, turned out to be a good cat with bad manners, living with me part-time, now nutless, still spraying, trying to get it on with the little feral spayed princess and eventually getting confused part way through the mating dance because he can't quite figure out how to get tab A into slot B, kind of like the old guys here, but cuter.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Beth for the painting and all you are doing for the cats! We will see you on Oct. 20 and have a great time at the Walk for the Cats. Long live ferals!