Monday, August 24, 2015

Be Exquisite in Autumn and Winter--Beautiful Art Scarves

Autumn Light hand-painted silk scarf by Beth Surdut
I promise you this: the temperatures will drop, your brain will once again be quickened by the intake of sweet autumn air, and you can wrap yourself in beauty. Think of each hand-painted original silk scarf as a precious piece of fine wearable art--your statement piece or sapphires, topaz,emerald, silver and gold, as sparkling as a finely wrought necklace.
Here's to name-dropping! My painted accessories and garments have been shown at the Smithsonian Institution, De Cordova Museum, Cahoon Museum of American Art, American Textile History Museum, and the fabulous New Zealand Wearable Art Awards.
So go ahead, spurge on the most beautiful scarf you'll ever own and be prepared for strangers to  walk up to you and ask with a  gasp and a sigh, "Where did you get that?"
You'll be able to tell them that you purchased it directly from the artist @
On sale for $200 apiece.
Night Fall Sangre de Cristo Mountains hand painted silk scarf by Beth Surdut

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