Monday, April 7, 2008


New research by scientists in Louisiana suggests that alligator blood could serve as the basis for new antibiotics... Uh-oh. Researchers warn that drinking untreated alligator blood isn't healthy for humans, and I'm guessing not so good for the gator, either. Even though my favorite prehistorics aren't supposed to be killed--Step 1, catch gator. Step 2, extract its blood before it extracts yours--this brings up sanguine visions of shark fins or rhino horns lopped off, bull blood drunk hot from the trembling carcass right after the gory bullfight.
When did humans decide that they can torture animals and each other? Let's not forget the practice of eating the heart of your valiant enemy to grow stronger.
Wait, there is reciprocity--
Leeching, having your blood "cleansed" by live bloodsuckers directly injecting natural anti-coagulants, is seeing a revival. At least two famous actresses are sporting leech-induced bruises that supposedly add to a person's well being.

Think of the business possibilities. Artisans can create elegant little vials of gator blood to wear as a pendant. Or how about a portable fetid environment in which to carry your leeches or maggots?
Have you heard about the companies that will take a spoonful of cremains--that's the ashes of your beloved--and make glass jewelry so you can always keep Fido or mom close? Just what I always wanted--to live on as a chachkie that will eventually show up at a yard sale. There's a medieval flair, a touch of the relic, that one-born-every-minute sense of history that smacks of the Florida weirdness that writer Carl Hiaasen celebrates so well.
I'm not professing disbelief in the potential power of the blood of the alligators I spend time with on the river. But since irony is my boon companion, I definitely believe in the foolhardiness of humans.

Today's painting, which I designed from a combination of patterns of striated rock, wood, and pheasant feather, I named Fossils and later, Lifeblood, when a nurse described it as veins and capillaries, blood flowing...the essence of life. The original is available, as is Green Scattered Fossils. Trawl my blog for more wild life art and essays to meet Gator Girl and Mr. Stinky. Visit for your mind and body.

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lsharpspears said...

ahhh, the follies of humankind. Actually, alligator blood is probably better for you to drink than most of the water supplied to our major cities these days. On a brighter note; I LOVE this painting! (I wish it were available on material so I could make a pareo out of it)
Thanks again for your entertaining perspective.