Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Reason Why

When I first came to New Mexico, I breathed in the landscape to see what I would breathe out. I wandered the giant's playground of Tent Rocks, ascended the laddered cliff dwellings at Bandelier, tasted the Gila wilderness, gazed open-mouthed at the sky, and took photographs that I called The Reason Why. As I showed them to Eastern friends, I knew I had to return to live in the Southwest's many-layered palette of colors, micro-climates, and stories.

As I create the Listening to Raven drawings and stories that called me here, I also continue my work as a colorist. These silk Abiquiu scarves (8”x 54”) in Winter Sunrise and Summer Sunset are individually drawn freehand and painted, so each scarf is as unique as the person who wears it. $140 each. Clients may also order shirts, larger sizes of scarves and triangular shawls, including Chamisa Rain and Aspen Vista. Just ask.

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