Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Milky Ways

Truth be told, a blood feast turns my stomach. Raven and Coyote keep inviting me to eat with them, but in the moonlight, when Coyote turns to me, his eyes bright and unreadable as the Milky Way, he stands and stares--you know how he does--and I hesitate.
At night I leave the window over my bed open so I can hear him sing wild tunes with his buddies like liquored-up barflies.
During the day, Raven, Coyote and I are compadres. We play tag in the desert and discuss which of them really made the Milky Way.

When I'm not drawing Ravens and weaving their stories, I'm listening to yours...
Hear a discussion on storycatching that aired April 7 on Radiocafe at http://www.santaferadiocafe.org/podcasts/

Professional writer and artist Beth Surdut has written for newspapers, magazines, radio, and the web as well as produced an oral history funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Harvard Historical Society. She has facilitated real-life commentary/creative non-fiction workshops for professional writers and anyone else who has something to say.
The world being an expansive place, the mind being an expanding organ, she has covered just about everything from sewers to senators, beekeepers to Buddhists, and, so as not to get lost in alliteration, here is a random selection of topics--
a plane crash, Pakistani terrorism expert (unrelated to the plane crash), ignominious Cardinal, homophobic teacher,
a psychic tearoom, bird banding, mycology, grave robbing, wildlife management, sludge plant (not the government, the real thing), pollution, adoption, tzedakah,
an unsolved murder, small town government and all the boards, committees, and complaints,
theater, music, visual art, books, and countless profiles celebrating the creative spirits who bring us all that magic.

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