Monday, May 11, 2009

Heartbeat of the earth

At the San Felipe Corn Dance, my pulse thrums with ancient chants as 1500 people dance the heartbeat of the land. It is by their grace that I am here.
Hours later, with Raven by my side, I look for spirit carvings amidst the traditional regalia of whole fox pelts and skunk anklets. Frowning and smiling like a god with two faces, a Zuni fetish seller says, "No, I don't have ravens, they are not good signs for us."
"Don't listen to him, " Raven hisses in my ear. "Be polite, then walk away." So I do.
"Tell our stories," says Raven as he perches on my shoulder, each pinpoint of his claws reminding me of the path I am meant to be taking.

Knowing Raven ( on 10" x 13" paper) is drawn with pen, pencil, heart and mind, as are the other denizens of the Listening To Raven series.
As to raven and carved Zuni fetishes---my first little raven, black marble with turquoise eyes, perches on my work table atop a lapis heart. Both were gifts from dear friends in Santa Fe. While creating Truth and Memory, a carved pair of ravens bound together with turquoise and coral sat watching on the paper's edge. All three were discovered at Keshi in Santa Fe.
The story of why this mermaid came to live in the high desert begins with Drawing Raven.

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Lynn said...

I LOVE this one! The Raven is so intelligent and vibrant...I expect him to wink at me. As usual, beautiful work!