Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Ravens of Truth and Memory

The Norse God Odin sent two Ravens out each day--one named Thought (Hugin), the other Memory (Munin).

Here, I've changed Thought to Truth.
Memory allows Truth to gently pick through her feathers until both birds shine.
While I was creating Truth and Memory (paper size 15" X 22") with pen and colored pencil, heart and mind, two tiny Zuni fetish ravens carved by a married couple into black marble and bound together with turquoise and coral perched on the paper's edge. I found them through the grace of the White Raven who owns Keshi in Santa Fe.
My thanks to kind-hearted Cordova Raven, who cares for ravens and eagles in Alaska.
For the beginning of the Raven story that brought this mermaid to the desert, start with Drawing Raven.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Great interpretation of color and study of anatomy.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who knows ravens or wants to know ravens can only be entranced by Surdut's drawings and stories. Each drawing appears at first glance to be stark, but in the singularity of each isolated raven (and one pair) is an individuality that she captures beautifully out of love and great homage.