Sunday, June 6, 2010

Talking Raven

Quite a talker, this raven. From the kitchen I can see his shadow dusting the garden as he walks and pauses, walks and pauses along the roof of the portal, yakking all the time. There! Shiny blue-black feathers--he left me one yesterday-- catch the sunlight in dazzling fractals as Raven inspects the egg before taking his treasure in his beak and flying away.
“You have their personal traits down pat," said an avid art collector in Alaska. "The way they strut, the curious pose, the whole body language. These ravens are wonderful because you obviously know your bird and its personality. It's as if you have one in your home. Most people are content to do the raven-looking-over-the-shoulder pose and call it good. You nailed it every time.”
Yet the one I have drawn here can be confusing--the beak appears longer, the pose foreshortens the body.Some scientists believe that there are as yet unclassified ravens. I say these birds are in a class by themselves. Do come see my raven family in their solo exhibit in Santa Fe July 9- August 9 up the canyon at Randall Davey Audubon CenterQuite

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