Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walking by Moonlight in Bandelier

Listening  to Raven  series  at

Walking with the ancients by moonlight, my feet joined 10,000 years of  footfalls.  A resident raven listened to my questions as the moon rose over these ancestral pueblo dwelling places.Then we were silent in a landscape full of night sounds.

It was a poetic night of the senses.
Of rushing water in a dry land
Of drumbeats linking the centuries
Of heartbeats calling to the dead
Of surprises.
I  was changed.
I will not tell you more.

To hear more  raven  adventures and see portraits of this clever corvid, visit  Wells Fargo  Bank  Gallery for the  month  of  July,  corner of  Washington  Ave and  Paseo  de Peralta, open  Monday through Saturday with free parking.
Walks Like  A  Man  by  Beth  Surdut

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