Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Reason Why

The  Reason Why  by  Beth  Surdut  2011
 I walk through this desert with Coyote and Raven, discussing who really created the Milky Way. I stand under these big open mouthed skies of New Mexico and let the stars flow down my throat and into my veins. I hike through the Bisti badlands, the towering playground of Tent Rocks, and hear the thrumming of the ancient earth.
At night I take my flashlight out into the brush, following the sparkling shine of eyes in the darkness. By morning the sun lights the gold chamisa and lavender sage carpet of my  dreams.
This is my home, though I haven't a house. 
This is my succor,  though water is scarce. 
I came from the east and can't imagine life without the west.
This is the place where I live.


Linda Hensley said...


Linda Hensley said...

Okay, maybe I should’ve said more? I like the colors and the flowing lines and I like the way you write of home, even though my home is unbearably wetter than yours :)

William & Susanne Waites said...
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Unknown said...

Another beautiful piece Beth..the depth in the silk is amazing-a tribute to your talent and craft. The story that accompanies the work is most striking.You never cease to amaze...

Unknown said...

Another beautiful piece Beth! The depth you've achieved with your dyes on the silk is a tribute to your talent and craft. I love the story-you never cease to amaze me.