Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Today I showered a snake and two hummingbirds

Early this morning, I was filling the watering stations in the tamarisk tree outside my bedroom.

I sprayed the thirsty tree and watched two hummingbirds in the mist.

At the base of the tree, where thick trunks and dried needles form a haven, 
a  beautiful king snake slid into view.
I gently showered the snake, who looked at me and seemed to enjoy the water.

When I returned with my camera, snake was hiding in the coils of a hose hanging against the wall.

As I walked closer, snake stretched out against the wall and slid towards the tree.
Headed for the shadows 
and the cradle of safety offered by the tree.
 that is the snake's tail and my snake tale. 

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Wichitarich said...

I'm glad you are wiser than many, and don't see the snake as a mortal enemy who must be killed or at minimum, evicted from your property and vicinity.